Our new van

After years of different types of camping we have a house full of tents and camping stuff, and even have one permanently strapped to the Land Rover roof rack. Here it is in Spain in 2019. Forgive the poor erection of the annexe tent on the back it was only a stop over….
We felt that we wanted a few more creature comforts but we’ve never liked hotels or organised and regimented trips. We’d tried a caravan 20 years ago and didn’t really like it, so we thought of a camper van.
We spent months going to shows, talking and reading , deciding on the compromises that we could live with.
Two or four berth?
How important was a fixed bed?
Did we need a shower?
What was the maximum size?
And a whole host of others….
We finally settled on this VW van based job just for two (sorry kids!) and the adventure began…. to boldly split infinitives and explore a UK that we’d ignored for 30 years.

At Lands End

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